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Adidas belongs to the personality equipment; Nike belongs to the professional equipment.

ADI's main technologies are: damping technology; Nike's main technology is: gas column technology.Nike sub-brands: Nike360, Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Air Max, Nike Shox, Nike sb, Nike Pro, Nike Dunk, Air Force, Nike Sportswear, etc.Hook logo Design Inspiration is the idea of a pub waitress, symbolizing speed.ADI Brand Promotion concept is: there is no impossible, meaning in the field of sports there is no best only better; the Nike brand promotion philosophy is: do what you want to do.Meaning is publicity personality, with the success of NIKE, JUST do IT has become the same as Coca-Cola as the embodiment of the spirit of the United States.Adidas brand Name: From its creator Adidas, the three-stripe logo inspired by the track and field runway; the name of the Nike brand: From the Greek goddess of victory.74th in the World brand list, Nike pioneered the 1972 U.Main technologies: BRS1000, Non-marking, Solid Rubber, Duraon, DRC, Air-Sole, Visable air-sole, Visable Air-Sole 180, Air Max Mens Air max 90 , NIKE Flywire, Nike FuelBand, Lunarglide+3, Nike Flyknit, Nike + iPod, etc.

Adidas German brand, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany.Annual sales of $8 billion (06), brand value of 6 billion U.Adi was founded in 1920 in Germany.The brothers were founded together and later parted ways because of disagreement, and his brother founded the new brand Puma.Adizi Brand: Sports Performance Series performance (three stripes), Sports Classic series Originals (clover) and sports Fashion series Adidas NEO (divided into three sub-brands: Y-3,slvr,adidas) Nike NIKE American brand, Washington County.Oregon, annual sales of $14 billion (06), brand value of 14 billion dollars, ranked 32nd in the World brand list.The name derives from the Greek mythology of the goddess of Victory (Nick).